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The Future of Public Engagement

Since 2004 Vancouver's Mobile Muse Network has been Canada's leading innovation engine for the mobile-social media that are transforming urban lifestyles and reinventing public engagement.  Our unique innovation process grows new companies by growing community.

The mobile revolution has barely begun.  As we connect with the web at street level, entirely new forms of public engagement are possible.  Effective mobile engagement is enormously valuable to the public and private sectors (including commerce, tourism, health, education, government, culture, entertainment, social services, etc), but it should also inspire every individual's sense of identity and purpose. Cities that actively nurture these potentials will be the most exciting, healthy and wealthy places on our planet.

Vancouver is the Mobile Muse Network's "Living Lab" for mobile-social media.  We seek out the engagement needs of public-facing organizations as highly fertile ground for innovation, expertly convening the interests of entrepreneurs, researchers, corporate stakeholders and government agencies to generate novel solutions. We build and operate advanced technology platforms to jump-start new marketplaces. We have partnered with community organizations as diverse as the Granville Island Market, the Vancouver Opera and the 2010 Olympics. Ten new companies have launched with the original technologies and applications developed.  Our innovation process deeply couples economic development with community development.

Vancouver is a global leader in new media, a vibrant multicultural destination, and one of the most livable cities in the world. It is the perfect host, testbed and proving ground for the Mobile Muse Network's pioneering vision of the future.

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The Mobile Muse Network is a non-profit that specializes in collaborative innovation. Wherever you are in the world, and whatever your engagement requirements, the Mobile Muse Network can help.  We can share technologies, expertise, and experience: we know how to make engagement happen.  Contact us today!