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BC Mobile Content Developers & Publishers Guide Spring 2008 Edition

As we all know, there is quite a bit happening in the mobile space here in BC and we try to keep on top of these latest developments. As a result, we have updated Industry Canada's BC Mobile Content Developers & Publishers Guide with a Spring 2008 edition. In this new edition, there are a couple of new additions - Handi Mobility and Quick Mobile, and there are also lots of tweaks to the product images and descriptions as existing companies continue to grow, to innovate and to engage in leading-edge projects.

Thanks to everyone for sharing your updates with us and we look forward to seeing more companies joining the ranks in the coming years! Don't forget to check out the attached BC Mobile Content Developers & Publishers Guide - Spring 2008 Edition!

Video :: Showcase Forum

Thanks to everyone who turned up for our Showcase Forum last Friday. It was great to see everyone from all of the project teams as well as everyone else who showed up to see what MUSE3 is all about.

As some of you already know, we had one of our participating companies, ComVu, publish a mobile phone-powered webcast of the event. Early feedback has indicated that the audio in that webcast was not as good as it could be (we'll definitely improve upon this for next time!).

Mobile Muse 3 Open Program Forum :: Looking Ahead

We held our Open Program Forum in November for all selected Showcase Projects and Development Program participants to present their proposed work publicly. It was a successful showcase and networking event that has already inspired a few nascent partnerships and stimulating dialogues.

For more information about the projects, please visit the slideshare page where we've brought together all 27 of the projects proposals.  Showcase projects are moving to a more formal proposal stage, with a public presentation forum scheduled for February 2008 (Visit this page to narrow the list down to the six projects selected as Showcase projects). In accord with our ongoing work in revamping our communications plan for Mobile Muse 3, we will be hosting designated pages to showcase each of these six projects, to be launched at the forum.

Mobile MUSE - OPEN CALL - Community Generated Media

In anticipation of public engagement potentials related to the 2010 Winter Olympics, the Mobile MUSE Network is launching its third major development program (MUSE3). 

MUSE3 will focus on community generated media (CGM)” to activate “live space” potentials – building technologies and toolkits to enable communities to use mobile, internet, and large public display media for collective expression and celebration.  Over the next two years MUSE3 will engage with a set of communities to develop and showcase these technologies. 

Going mobile with alternative energy

Orange will soon debut this nifty looking wind-powered charger for mobile phones. For those who want to be ostentatious about their environmentalism in a very geeky way. Represent! Solar powered solutions for various charging tote bags, purses, and even golf bags will also be available soon.

Have ethnographer, (your company) will travel.

I wanted to share an informative article from the BBC that interviewed Jan Chipchase, principal researcher at Nokia Design on how he has used ethnographic insights to inform the design of mobiles.  His work includes bringing research teams into the actual cultural contexts of use in order to make better business decisions for Nokia.   

A multi-disciplinary team:

"Mr. Chipchase takes a team--designers, psychologists--into different countries around the world, to look at people's lives in different contexts."

HP MScape Beta

There's a new beta site in place for HP's "MScape" project, a open environment for creating, sharing and experiencing mobile location-based content.  The MScape world looks at the concept of Mediascapes, which are mobile, location–based experiences that incorporate digital media with the sights, sounds, and textures of the world around you. A mediascape blends digital images, video, audio and interactions with the physical landscape. Games, guided walks and tours, and destinations are among the mediascapes created to date.

MUSE 3 - An Open Distributed Network Built on Multi-Sectoral Partnerships

To achieve its goals, MUSE 3 is building an "open distributed network" of resources consisting of multi-sectoral partnerships (academic, corporate, community, cultural, and new media) and leveraging a wide variety of domain experts. These partnerships will help in establishing future systems, tools and models that will enable Mobile Muse and communities to manage, grow and sustain their technology, content and community networks.

Mobile Muse, therefore, is now initiating and exploring partnership opportunities with organizations and individuals who are interested in and would like to contribute to the building of a scalable and sustainable network for community-generated media creation, management, and distribution. Ultimately, the success of MUSE 3 will be determined by the breadth and depth of knowledge shared and coordinated through such partnerships. If there is a specific area in which you'd like to partner with us, please let us know!

What's Next for Mobile Muse? MUSE 3!

As we come to the end of MUSE 2 and prepare to enter MUSE 3 (fingers crossed on funding :-), it's time to start discussing what's next! MUSE 3 is really a further expansion of all that has been developed and learned thus far. MUSE 3 is honing its vision and is creating a broader "open distributed network" focusing on four main themes:

  • Cultural Expression
  • Community Development
  • Economic Development
  • Sustainability

Several of these themes will be realized in what MUSE 3 is calling "community-generated media". Much like the term "user-generated content", community-generated media represents the creativity, vision and voice of the community. Beyond creating (or broadcasting) this media, MUSE 3 is especially interested in how this media can be driven, accessed, created, and most importantly, interacted with in mobile environments. However, MUSE 3 is not limiting itself simply to the third screen, i.e. mobile phones. MUSE 3 will be pushing screen boundaries on both ends – large and small! A big part of MUSE 3 is leveraging a network of large screens that will be installed for the 2010 Olympics – a distibution network comprised of "Live Sites". Live Sites are open event spaces, typically with large video displays, designed for broad public engagement.

Final thoughts on Cultural Engagement

Importantly, the deliverables were met. In terms of engaging arts organizations, the ones that were fully engaged and committed to the project did do very well.  However, clearly there needs to be more upfront planning and value proposition generated that the arts organizations can easily understand, grasp in their language and move forward with. 

In future, projects it would make more sense to concentrate on fewer larger projects than many smaller projects.  A budget of 5 to 10 thousand dollars would be more appropriate for any kind of future initiate. 

Working with MetroCode and PocketCINE was great as the principals in those organizations are smart, enthusiastic and committed to these projects.