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MUSE 3 - An Open Distributed Network Built on Multi-Sectoral Partnerships

To achieve its goals, MUSE 3 is building an "open distributed network" of resources consisting of multi-sectoral partnerships (academic, corporate, community, cultural, and new media) and leveraging a wide variety of domain experts. These partnerships will help in establishing future systems, tools and models that will enable Mobile Muse and communities to manage, grow and sustain their technology, content and community networks.

Mobile Muse, therefore, is now initiating and exploring partnership opportunities with organizations and individuals who are interested in and would like to contribute to the building of a scalable and sustainable network for community-generated media creation, management, and distribution. Ultimately, the success of MUSE 3 will be determined by the breadth and depth of knowledge shared and coordinated through such partnerships. If there is a specific area in which you'd like to partner with us, please let us know!

What's Next for Mobile Muse? MUSE 3!

As we come to the end of MUSE 2 and prepare to enter MUSE 3 (fingers crossed on funding :-), it's time to start discussing what's next! MUSE 3 is really a further expansion of all that has been developed and learned thus far. MUSE 3 is honing its vision and is creating a broader "open distributed network" focusing on four main themes:

  • Cultural Expression
  • Community Development
  • Economic Development
  • Sustainability

Several of these themes will be realized in what MUSE 3 is calling "community-generated media". Much like the term "user-generated content", community-generated media represents the creativity, vision and voice of the community. Beyond creating (or broadcasting) this media, MUSE 3 is especially interested in how this media can be driven, accessed, created, and most importantly, interacted with in mobile environments. However, MUSE 3 is not limiting itself simply to the third screen, i.e. mobile phones. MUSE 3 will be pushing screen boundaries on both ends – large and small! A big part of MUSE 3 is leveraging a network of large screens that will be installed for the 2010 Olympics – a distibution network comprised of "Live Sites". Live Sites are open event spaces, typically with large video displays, designed for broad public engagement.

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